PSO2Proxy Rules and Notices

By using PSO2Proxy you agree to the following rules and notices:

Do not use PSO2Proxy to cheat or hack with the intent of cheating in game.
It makes us look bad, you look bad, and ruins the fun for others. If you witness somebody else cheating on this service, contact us immediately.

PSO2Proxy is NOT an official SEGA service and should not be treated as such.
We're not part of SEGA of Japan in any way or form. We should not be connected to SEGA of Japan in any way or form.

PSO2Proxy is still under development.
Our proxy works by EMULATING the PSO2 protocol. Like any emulator, it may not always be accurate. bugs can happen. Random 630s are possible (though are not likely.)

PSO2Proxy is open source, you can contribute to development or even create your own proxy!
If you do not want to use this public proxy and you have a server that can connect to PSO2's servers, feel free to check out the GitHub to set up your own proxy or contibute to the project.

You will appear to connect from if you use this service.
Due to the nature of networking you will appear to connect from the proxy server's IP address. However you will still maintain your true MAC address. This could possibly lower your chances of being banned when you normally would be on a VPN.

You could be banned by SEGA for using this service! It's sad but true. We can't control what SEGA does. If you get banned for using our service, sorry! With a lot of people using it, one cheater could ruin it for everybody. Discourage people using this service from cheating, and report cheaters so we can ban them from the proxy itself.
Do you accept the above rules and notices?
I do not accept!